Nature Warp

by Paislienne

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released February 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Paislienne Oakland, California

Paislienne is a solo psychedelic musician, currently residing in the Los Angeles area. Influenced by musicians such as Jana Hunter, Lilys, and Eric Burden, her sound is both entrancing and harmonious.

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Track Name: White House Many Colors
There is a place of fantasy
All colors gushing happily

In a house that's full of love
Feeling purer than a white dove
I think I could stay here for a while

Wearing Grandma's sweater
Talk about the weather
Feeling ever part of your lungs fill you with air

Sit and watch the daisies
Plants are never lazy
No reason to do anything but live
in a place of fantasy
Track Name: Luscious
Luscious lips are touching me
graze my skin so tenderly

I open my eyes, it's not you I see
it's just my skin imagining

Now I must wait until tomorrow
no way to sleep with all this sorrow

I know it was me that asked you to leave
Don't know what I could have been thinking
Track Name: Wasted
day to day, you walk in the same way, and you
find a way to pass the slow time and you're
always crying cause you just ain't fine anymore.

what a perfect day to waste away.
what a perfect day to forget about.

when they find you lying in the street and you
can't get up, you've had too much to drink, and you
try to lie that you'll be alright when you're home.

what a perfect night to waste away.
what a perfect night to forget about.

would you say it's better this way?
tell me why, must be the ultimate high cause you
ain't got shit, but you're still kickin it with that bottle.

what a perfect life to waste away.
what a perfect life to forget about.

baby is hungry, but mamma's not comin'.....
Track Name: Take Your Time
Take your time, get to know a little better
That's fine, it's not like you could get any madder

Not what you hoped for is it?
But what if I give it a minute

But maybe my breath will take it away
But maybe my breath will take me away

Take your time, get to know a little better
That's fine, it's not like you could get any sadder
Track Name: Eyes in the Back of My Head
I see you with the eyes in the back of my head
Why don't you come along with me instead

I know it's lovely in the places you've been
but I'll show you all the faces you could have been

I'll hold your hand, never let go till you say so
I'm here to be that friend you've always known

I'll never lose you
Track Name: Tidbit 02 (Bonus Track)
It's a lot easier to talk yourself out
of something if you know what it is that you're in
I don't
So I don't
Probably should
Maybe I know now no no no no

Too lazy but I'm in that so how do I get out
Can't talk, too lazy
Tricky one
Go to bed, you're failing